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6 Ways to Beat Writers’ Block

how to beat writer’s block

As a writer, whether amateur or pro, the dreaded writers block can hit at any time. You can end up going days, weeks or even months where only garbage is coming out onto the page. Frustration builds and you think you may never write again! Eurgh. Nifty Notebooks owner and professional writer, Jenny, shares her tips for finding inspiration in a plethora of places.

1. Acceptance

Accept that you have writers block. Don’t be angry at yourself for it — it happens to all the greats; it’s part of being a writer. Remember that as a writer you are a creative, and creativity is not a free-flowing gift for the majority of us. It comes when it wants, so you have to accept that it’s just not there today. 

Anger, stress and frustration are not conducive to productivity, so don’t allow it to take over. 

2. Don’t look for writing inspiration

You know what they say about dating: if you’re looking for ‘the one’, you’ll never find him. As soon as you stop looking, he will come into your life. The same goes for writing inspiration. This may seem counterintuitive considering the title of this article, but inspiration comes when you least expect it; it comes when you are walking to the shops and see a little kid happily riding his bike, or halfway through a yoga class. 

If you are sitting at home ‘waiting’ for inspiration to strike, chances are it never will. So get on with your life and trust that it will come when it’s ready.

3. Proactive approach

While you should never force inspiration (See above), you can give it a helping hand. Keep an inspiration diary to help discover what things inspire you. Next time you feel inspired, right down what you were doing, where you were and what mood you were in. fake id websites,Are there any patterns? Perhaps inspiration often strikes when you are listening to classical music, or while strolling along the beach front. For me, I feel inspired while walking in nature. No phone, no people around me, just me and Mother Nature. 

If you’re struggling to string together a sentence, find that thing that inspires you. But remember point number 2, don’t actively try to be inspired — just let it flow in.

4. Just start writing

Sometimes getting started is the hardest thing to do. Not sure where to start? Writing prompts are a great way to help you with this, and you can find plenty of free lists of writing prompts online. For example, a prompt might be: ‘Describe your house’. You don’t need to write a Pulitzer prize-winning piece, just start writing some words in your notebook (or into your computer). Often, this is enough to trigger the writing brain to kickstart back into action.

5. Use bullet points

If you have a deadline to meet and simply don’t want to write ‘nothing’, then bullet points can make good use of your time. While your brain not be allowing you to write in full sentences, Best Fake ID,you can almost certainly pull out a few keywords.

You can then refer to these bullet points later on and use them as starting points for your ‘proper’ writing. So your time is not wasted.

6. Read your favourite book or blog

Reading someone else’s writing that you admire almost always sparks some inner inspiration. So grab a book or open up the latest article from your favourite author and find your cosiest reading nook. Fake ID,Perhaps even write down some words, phrases or expressions that you loved so that you can refer back to them when you are in writing-mode again.

Hopefully, some of these ideas have given you some guidance for beating writer’s block. If you have any other hot tips, please share with the Nifty community by sharing below 🙂

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